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  1. smulx

    smulx Member

    I just bought one of these that has been unlocked from 3 and I'm using it with a Virgin Mobile sim card. I've put the following virgin settings in..

    it wont work though. As soon as I open the browser it says cannot be displayed, even though I've changed the homepage to the virgin one. If I try to navigate to any other page I get the same error. Hope someone can help as if I can't get it working, I'll have to return in.


  2. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    hmmm..same as what i use - apart from i don't bother setting the home page
  3. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Contact your provider and ask them to SMS you your internet settings.

    Also try removing the proxy.
  4. lugsy41

    lugsy41 Member

    Hi just updated to 2.1 eclair version, I have no internet, I have gone to
    1. Menu key.
    2. Select Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
    3. but cannot select new APN, i assume the MENU key is the centre button, nothing happens, tried all buttoons cannot create new APN
    Phone my service provider who has sent settings twice, not rcieved??

    Please help
  5. karfeef

    karfeef Active Member

    er..the menu button isn't the centre - it's the top left, from there you should see an option to add an apn
  6. Nexusmatt2010

    Nexusmatt2010 Member

    Use the following settings if your on virgin (uk)

    Name - T-Mobile UK
    APN -
    Proxy -
    Port - 8080
    Username - t-mobile
    MCC- 234
    MNC - 30

    Everything else leave blank , save and set to default ! all will be back to normal , I have mms settings to if needed but i didnt use em.

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