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  1. Craddock01

    Craddock01 Member

    OK - I have had problems with my S3 since updating to 4.3. I decided to back-up and then do a factory reset. I have Kies 3 installed on my computer. My computer OS is Win XP Media Edition SP3. It is up to date. I open Kies on my computer and then connect my phone via USB. My computer makes the tell tale sound when my phone connects (indicating the USB connection is good) but Kies doesn't recognize it nor does my phone show up when viewing through My Computer or in the task bar. I searched for Kies in the app store thinking maybe I needed to run Kies on my phone as well but the only app available there is Kies Air. Any ideas??? Please.:confused:

  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    You dont need an app bro. Kies is just notoriously crap lol. Try reinstalling it :thumbup:
  3. Craddock01

    Craddock01 Member

    Will do <fingers crossed>

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