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Help With mass storage mode.Support

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  1. moofychops

    moofychops Active Member

    Newbie to galaxy. Cannot get Kilie to work on this computer no matter what I try.
    I wouild like to load stuff from computer to Galaxy via 'Mass Storage' method.
    Can anybody out there please take me through the proceedure.
    Many Thanks.

  2. brunorange

    brunorange New Member

    okay this is the way I have done it: under settings> about phone (I think this is what it is called since mine is in danish Im not sure but to "semi-quote" Rob Schneider in Deuce Bigalow "The one(s) on the bottom." :p
    In here you go to USB settings and here I set mine to mass storage (as I read somewhere that it was better seen by system this way) youre done here and now when you connect to USB cable you have to swipe down from top and under usb 'something' press and choose mount drive or something along those lines :-D
    Hope this helps (if not feel free to ask and Ill try to be more clear (damn fridays-beer after work :p
  3. drocket

    drocket Member

    What I think he is aking, is that the PC will not recognise the phone. I somewhat had this problem. My PC had my phone listed as SAMSUNG SGH-I897 USB Device, but every time I tried to open it in windows I got "Please insert disk" error. Well I was so frustrated with this... I stumbled upon the solution... In the top left of the phone you will see the USB icon, hold that down for a sec, then slowly scroll downwards... it will be a greyish screen with the usb connected message, tap that then tap "Mount"...

    If thats not what your asking..sorry.
  4. moofychops

    moofychops Active Member

    Hi Gentlemen,
    Thank you both very much. Followed the instructions and all is working very well.
    Thank You Both.

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