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  1. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    hi, new user but been lookin here a while when i was deciding to get this phone :)
    I was hoping someone could help please.
    *trouble with album artwork**
    I added alot of music using media go to the phone and got alot of the album covers ect added but they still dont show up for alot of the albums/tracks on the phone itself. They do however, still show on the media-go library!!
    Tried deleting off the memory card, adding missing fields again, then adding back to the phone with no joy :-(
    Even went as far as to use a program caled mp3tag to embed the artwork onto each individual file but for some reason it only picks up on some of the artwork/album covers.
    This is REALLY wrecking my brain trying to fix the problem but its just not happening for me at the minute lol.
    I've already returned the phone once in the week and a half i've had it due to a black screen of death which wouldnt leave without a reset with power+middle key, and dont want to do it again now too.
    Can anyone help? or advise if its a phone problem or a memory card problem even?
    Thank you all in advance to anyone who answers, bonus points for whoever helps solve the mess! lol :)

    **** update, read the suggested topics above and couldnt find an answer :-(
    people say use an app called artgrabber but i'm unable to buy apps unfortunately. Also its a bit crazy having to spend cash on something that should already be working on the phone in theory lol.

  2. sublow

    sublow Well-Known Member

    You will get album art using mp3tag on all tracks as I do.

    You need to make sure you are using mp3tag correctly and adding the album art to all tracks and not just one. When you highlight all the tracks you can just paste the album art in. You can also use mp3tag to view album art, if you don't get it there you won't get it on your phone.
  3. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    applied pain-stakingly to every single track (there were 735 tracks lol)

    like i said before, they all show up when connected to media go (browsing music library on memory card and laptop) , and they all show in every other programme on the laptop but alot of the tracks wont show the album work on the phone :-(
    its strange because alot some artwork showed on the phone originally, then when i tagged them all alot of the ones that shown the first time dont show anymore! lol.
    Think it may be a problem with the sd card. Was hoping it was something i could fix myself but i've done everything!!
    Any other suggestions please?
  4. spatuluk

    spatuluk Well-Known Member

    Another thing with mp3 tags - sometimes an mp3 can have more than one version of tag attached to it, and sometimes an mp3 player will only look for a certain version.

    Whenever I add mp3s from somewhere, I always go through them with mp3tag. First I rename the files based on the tag, then I delete the tags, then I generate the tag from the filename, then I add the artwork and any other tags, like genre. That way I know everything's go the right kind of tag. :)
  5. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    hi, i'm usually tech-headed enough to solve this kinda problem but honestly after going down all possible avenues i decided to return and replace the phone + mem card.
    (had some other issues like playback suddenly stopping on media, rebooting randomly,black screen of death lol)

    turns out i was right!!! artwork showing on new set now. only added a few to test but so far so good
    thanks for the replies folks
  6. pricey

    pricey Member

    Hello pal, here's how I fixed it...

    Rename the album artwork to album.jpg

    Put each album art in the albums folder

    Example - sdcard/music/album/album.jpg

    Worked for me anyway!

    Oh and use btunes music player instead... much better than the sony ericsson shite player :D
  7. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    thanks man!
    There were maybe 4-5 albums that just wouldnt change over despite everything i've done but that fixed it! :)
    everyone was telling me to wise up and stop complaining over the 4-5 outta like 100 but i'm compulsive about my music lol.
    Whats this btunes like then? is it free by any chance lol? it'll be worth any price alone if it lets me make playlists on the fly without connecting to a pc!
    gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr!! my biggest peeve about this phone. You'd think that with sony ericsson making a name for itself with music phones, it would get the simplest feature right but noo!! haha

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