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Help with moving apps to SD card using LInk2SDSupport

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  1. deedub777

    deedub777 New Member

    OK, before you point me off to another thread, I've searched, read through and divulged huge amounts of information:confused:. I really have tried to scour the forum for this info but to no avail, :banghead: so...
    Some info about the phone and how far I've got:
    Phone: GT-S5839i
    Software: 2.3.6 Gingerbread (BB: NELD1, Kernel: dpi@DELL138#1)

    • I've rooted the phone
    • partitioned the SD card (8Gb) with minitool 6Gb and 2Gb both primary
    • loaded Link2DS and set-up the 2nd partition by selecting FAT32/FAT16 option.
    (so I've managed a fair chunk of the work!)

    I've managed to move a few apps to the SD card and noticed they all go to the 6Gb partition. When I check the settings in Link2SD it shows the 2nd partition as ext2.

    When I try and move more apps (you tube for example but it happens with most others) across I get the following error message:

    pkg: /data/app/com .google.android.youtube-1.apk Failure

    Q1: Do I have LInk2SD setup correctly (please let me know if I need to supply more info)?
    Q2: Any help on the failed install message?

    Appreciate any help on offer (PLEASE don't send me to another thread!!)

    (newbie to Android)

  2. yahsya54

    yahsya54 New Member

    you select ext.2. Dont FAT32.

    Sorry i'm bad english :)
  3. deedub777

    deedub777 New Member

    OK thanks I'll give that a go

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