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  1. barbz

    barbz Active Member

    help I am coming from iphone and this is hard to figure out...what is the best player for music and audio books? I have tons of audiobooks on my mac that I want to put on my S4 it is very easy on iphone but I can't figure it out on S4, also I want to be able to stop and pick up where I left off on the books and the player that came with the phone is not doing it...thanks in advance;)

  2. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Apple has mastered the audio player with iTunes. No one has even come close. And I can't understand why.

    Poweramp is best music player for Android. But for audiobooks, try one of the many specialized apps in the PlayStore. Just search for "audiobook player" and give them a try.
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  3. barbz

    barbz Active Member

    ok, I have 3 music players now, google play, sound player, and es media player can I / should I delete these? also, should I copy all music/books from itunes to a folder on my mac? and just delete from itunes since android doesn't use it? thanks

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