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  1. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Hello all. First post so be gentle.

    I have just come over to android after years with Nokia and I am now the proud owner of a Samsung galaxy s3. A great phone and I am very pleased with it. However I have an issue that I simply cannot solve and I'm hoping someone will know the answer.

    Pre coming to android I had a Google account that I used for you tube uploads etc. I can also*use it to access my sky email. I still use this account. When I first opened the Google play store app on my nice new phone it asked me to login to a Google account or create a new one. Obviously I clicked on login to existing. It didn't work and wouldn't light me in. So I created a new account using the play store wizard and set up Google wallet etc for my new account. I use the same email login for my new play store account as I do for my google account. In essence I appear to have 2 Google accounts but when I try to log into Google from my web browser I can only log into my old Google account and therefore can't see all my purchases etc as basically it's a different account. I've even tried deleting my old Google account then log in to Google through a web browser with my new play store login I created on my phone but it won't let me do it. I am at a loss as to what to do now as although I can download apps etc I cannot see them on the web browser version of the play store as I can't log in to that account. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, dearman9!
    Just so I can get this straight, when you first signed into your phone, you used your previous Gmail account, but when you signed into the Play Store you used a separate/new one?
  3. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Hi. I don't have a gmail account as such I.e my email address does not end in as it ends in I couldn't sign into my google account through the play store wizard with my old account as it wouldn't accept it and said the details were wrong. I then created a new login through plausible store wizard for access to the play store. Interestingly it must be working to some degree as when I sync it with Google from accounts and sync in settings it imports all my contacts from my sky email account. Weird and confused!
  4. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Should have read play store wizard not plausible!
  5. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Does anyone else have this issue? I've surfed the web for hours but to no avail.
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Have you tried using the Generic email app on your phone for sky instead of the gmail app? i feel that might get you some different results.
  7. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Sorry I'm not sure I follow you. My problem isn't with email. It's to do with the problem I'm having that I detailed in my initial post. I can't log into my play store account while on the Google webpage when using a browser using the details I used to set up my play store account on my phone. Even when I tried to delete my old Google account that I used for you tube, Google wouldn't let me login on its website with my new password etc that I set up on my phone. Sorry if this is confusing but it's really doing my head in.
  8. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    So let me try and wrap my head around this, you originally had an account, that was technically registered with a Google Account, specifically youtube, and that was, would you log into Gmail with this email previously?

    And then when you got your phone, you logged into this account to start your phone, but when you tried to log in with this account into the play store it declined you, so you made an actual gmail account under the same username, and now when you make purchases they are showing up on the gmail, and not the sky, and furthermore, you cant log in to the gmail, only to the sky?

    Is this right?
  9. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    DC now I'm confused! I think I've solved my problem now. I've created a brand new gmail account and registered it on my handset with play store. I have associated this account with my old Google account now so all is good. I think! The only problem I have now which is only minor is that even though I have associated my 2 Google accounts, when I go into the YouTube app on my phone it hasn't associated my you tube channel and favourites etc with my new gmail account. But as I say this is no biggy but would like to be able to do this if possible.

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