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  1. VegasDave89

    VegasDave89 New Member

    Phone was working fine up until this morning on my drive to work. I always plug my phone into my car charger when I drive to work, and when I attempted to turn on my phone, it just says "FASTBOOT!!" at the top left corner of the screen its said that for almost an hour now and nothing has happened, I have service with Sprint. I have tried removing the battery and the micro SD card several times to no avail

    At first I just assumed my phone was really hot (I live in Las Vegas) after I brought it into the air conditioning, it still said fastboot, I cannot figure out whats wrong

    Anybody know how I can fix this, or is a trip to my local Sprint store in order?

  2. chivas100pre

    chivas100pre New Member

    clockwork modd recovery ;)

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