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Help with my wife's EVO battery Drain

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  1. Alto101

    Alto101 Member

    My wife's phone has used almost 4GB of data this month and her battery has been draining much faster than mine, especially at night. Last night we watched in SystemPanel at the Net Receive indicator and it was constantly downloading at least 200+ kps. I had read about some issues with Facebook so we removed the Friendstream widget and saw the downloading go close to zero.

    This morning, I checked the 8 hour monitoring in SystemPanel and saw that the CPU activity was still high overnight (running near 30%) and her battery drain was twice mine (over 13% used over ~7 hours, mine was around 5% drain).

    I loaded up Spare Parts on her phone and was looked under Battery History, Network Usage and took this picture (sorry about the quality, her screen protector makes it hard to get a good picture and she is not rooted). Can anyone explain what UID 10006 is and why it is downloading so much data? I do not see it listed on my phone in Spare Parts. What do we need to do to turn this off or at least slow it down?

    Let me know if you need any additional info.

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  2. It sounds like it could be facebook, what are the settings for sync on facebook? I find it much better on the battery if I set the sync to once a day, and then manually refresh it when I want to look at it. The only other way is to just turn off the 3g data network at night. That's what I do, as I dont need to get emails at night, just phone calls.

    If you really want to get daring, do a hard reset. You will lose all your settings and apps and such, but a lot of people have said this fixes any problems with battery drain.

    FYI, ShootME works on the Evo without rooting.
  3. Alto101

    Alto101 Member

    Settings for facebook are to sync every two hours. We updated her phone with the OTA update today and UID 10006 is still downloading a lot of data. I went into Google talk and signed her out, I had set it to not sign in automatically but I signed out to make sure and SystemPanel is showing close to zero download activity. Could this be it?

    Any other suggestions about what this UID 10006 is and how to stop the massive download of data?

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