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  1. kittyjayde

    kittyjayde New Member

    Please help because i got the samsung galaxy s on a plan literally 3 days ago & its already playing up. the downloaded apps keep crashing or taking ages to load and i have to force close all the time i only have about 6 it even does it when playing media. is there anyway i can stop this from happening and in plain english please i just got the phone im still trying to work it out :D

  2. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    I would suggest doing a factory reset this will get it to the way it came, and try doing things over and see if it is one of the apps you downloaded that is causing the issue.
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  3. archer797

    archer797 New Member

    I agree. After a factory reset, ensure you install one application at a time and see how the phone performs. As indicated by justiyad, one or more application that you installed might be causing the instability.

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