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  1. ReMeDiE

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    So for christmas I got a Pangidigital star and I like but the firmware and the market(getjar) isn't the best and I wan't Android Market So I did a little thing to get. But It won't show all the apps So I really need some help with this this is my first Android tablet. Please help If you not going to say something helpful than don't post please

  2. zuben el genub

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    Did you tweak to get market? Some stuff just won't run. I've tweaked Market on my Coby 7024 (wifi only), some stuff I can download and it will NOT run. Same with GetJar. If it needs a network connection, GPS, or a phone number, you might be out of luck. My 7024 and phone had the same OS and configuration until the phone got the GB update. Market still differentiated between the two.

    Try here:
    Android Tablet Forum
  3. Darkseas

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    That's correct. The Market will only show the apps that will work with your device, or that the Market thinks will work with your device.

    In my experience, the Market gets that pretty much right.
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    I'm switching this in for a Coby - Mid 1125-4g and just wanted to know how compatible with apps (I really want to get minecraft pocket ed.) Also If there is no prob with compatibility would you please post a link to how to get the android market on it that would be much Appreciated P.S. I'm an android newbie so take it light.
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