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Help with Nexus One storageSupport

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  1. Sly Buccelli

    Sly Buccelli New Member


    I have 20 Mb free space of phone storage on my Nexus One and it's giving me the low-space warning. I downloaded a cache-cleaning app, and even when I clear the cache and stop some running services, the warning is still there. If I restart the phone, it goes away for some minutes, but it comes back shortly after. My biggest problem with this is that while the phone displays the warning, I cannot get SMSs. If I'm sent an SMS, a notification will pop up saying I received an SMS which couldn't be taken due to lack of space. This is very weird, as SMSs don't take 20 Mb.

    Can anyone offer some help, please?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

  3. odhinn

    odhinn Well-Known Member

    Move all your apps you can to the SD card, then reboot your phone and it should free up enough space. If that doesn't work, you'll have to prioritize what you need and uninstall the apps you can do without.
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    You can move a good many apps to your SD card and free up a lot of internal memory if you are on 2.2 (FroYo) or higher. You can even set the default location to install apps to the SD card, instructions found here.
  5. JDlawyer

    JDlawyer Well-Known Member

    That's the biggest complaint I have about my N1. I love this phone but not enough internal storage. You have to prioritize your apps and uninstall the ones that you do not use or need that do not allow you to install them on your SD card.
  6. Sly Buccelli

    Sly Buccelli New Member

    Yeah, I always try to prioritise, but I get so used to some apps that I end up missing them if I remove them. I have deleted a fair amount though. I've deleted a couple of them I didn't use very much and got rid of the problem, but I'm afraid it will happen again if I install more useful apps in the future.

    If rooting is can help me with this problem, I could try it, but I'm not very knowledgeable in that aspect. The application in Soupdragon's link looks easy to use, but I'm a bit confused as how to use it, as it apparently requires the card to be unmounted, but I can't do that if I connect the phone to the PC via USB, can I?

    Thanks for your support, guys.
  7. GammN1

    GammN1 New Member

    Of couse, to root your NexusOne would help you with that problem... This would allow you to install the app named: Install Manager V3 (Lite) that will allow you to move to the SDCard all the apps. except: system apps, Wallpapers Mgers., Launchers or that ones that need the use of Widgets to work correctly. Very essential!
    Hope this will help you,
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  8. Kage_

    Kage_ Active Member

    If you are using K9 mail you can move the mail storage from the internal to the SD card, but it's done w/ in the app itself. That saved me a ton of space. I hover around 40 -50 Megs free. Now that my power button is flaking out like so many others I'm looking at getting a new device anyway.
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  9. Sly Buccelli

    Sly Buccelli New Member

    Cheers Kage_, I might start using K9.

    Guys, I've been trying to root my phone with SuperOneClick. I researched a bit to know how to use it properly and I came to a point when all there was left to do was just pressing the 'Root' button. I did so, but then there came a point in which the program said 'Waiting for device' and just froze. I tried several times, always with the same result. I had installed the Android SDK previously and I had downloaded the USB package. Windows recognised everything but the 'Nexus One' itself, so it might have to do something with that. Do you guys know how can I solve this? Is there any package I can download from the SDK to remedy this situation?

    Thank you for your help!

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