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  1. skennz

    skennz New Member

    I bought a Huawei M860 from a guy. He forgot the pattern lock so I got the phone really cheap. I plan to use it as a 'training tool' to self educate myself. Anyway, can someone help me with this pattern lock? Is there a way to get past it? Can I completely reset the phone? Is there anything I can try? I can't figure out the

    Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime!

  2. AwesomePie85

    AwesomePie85 Well-Known Member

    Yes, do a reset.
    First remove battery for a few minutes and then put it back in.

    Then at the same time hold the following:

    volume up, call button and power button (hold until it vibrates)

    When it asks for permissions select:

    select wipe data/ factory to reset
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  3. skennz

    skennz New Member

    Thanks for your help! Worked just fine!
  4. AwesomePie85

    AwesomePie85 Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help! :)
  5. LormarTX

    LormarTX Member

    Is there any way to reset it without wiping the data, or if not, access the contacts as I can't get into the gmail account attached to the phone, as I don't know what it is (any way to recover that as well?)...

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