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HELP with Pendo Pad not working

  1. snos01

    snos01 New Member

    Hi, wasnt sure where exactly to post this question. My son owns a PENDO pad model: TPC7SLV - he had downloaded a "lock" called "GO LOCKER" onto it, he then attempted to put another version of this GO LOCKER on, then tried to go back and un-install the first GO LOCKER application, which half worked & mucked up the new version of the GO LOCKER application, so he attempted to un-install the whole lot of the application, however I don't know what else he has removed because now when you turn the Pendo Pad on, you use the slide-lock to open the page it opens onto a black screen- when you click on the HOME part it doesn't do anything, no other buttons bring up any options either? at the top bar it shows the time, volume, 'go back' button which only the volume button does anything. the sd card isn't in it at the moment, which I don't think should matter? Please help - not sure how I can re-set it to factory settings (whether or not that will help) - I'm not to technologically minded, so if anyone has ideas what I can do with this - thank you.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hi snos01 welcome to Android Forums. We are here to try and help you.

    First thing to try is a reset to factory defaults. Should be under Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Reset. Sorry I've just noticed that you apparently can't get to the home screen and Settings. It could actually be a fault in the tablet itself, like a buggy ROM that's become corrupted, that's preventing it from booting correctly. Is it under warranty?
  3. snos01

    snos01 New Member

    no I don't think it would be under warranty anymore - so guess I may need someone to look at it? And it would probably cost more to repair than to buy another one?
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    AFAIK the Pendo is a cheap device. Almost certain not worth paying someone to look at it. Probably cheaper to buy a new tablet.
  5. snos01

    snos01 New Member

    thank you for your help, yeah i thought it wouldn't be worth paying to have fixed, i did receive it for nothing when I re-signed up to my home phone account - so no big loss I guess..

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