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  1. OCN4LC4PON3

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    I currently have a Droid Razr m that has served me well and really ive had no issues with it at all but I want to upgrade to something faster and newer & give this to my daughter who is 7 which ill add a line for her. (basically for her to contact me when im at work if needed)

    anyways verizon currently has a few FREE phones that interest me but unsure of what to get. I listen to alot of music, Play android games & watch alot of movies VIA (showbox) <--- Not sure if I can say that here. If not delete please

    I want to stick to free only because I have kids and could use the extra money for them so which would be the best option for FREE.

    but here are current listings of FREE

    HTC One Remix
    HTC One
    LG G Vista
    LG G2

    I am debating possibly paying for a Phone. If I do my choices will be at the $100 range.

    LG G3
    HTC One M8
    Galaxy S5

  2. icemanchilled

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    From the free options the LG G2 is still a great device and easily the best out of the four devices, storage could be an issue depending on which version you get.

    If your going to pay you should be considering the Galaxy S5 and LG G3.

    There really isn't a world of difference between the LG G2 and the other two devices so whether they are worth spending extra on if up to you.
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  3. funkylogik

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  4. UrchinTheSeaNuts

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    Lg g2 is great dependin on how much memory it has on it with the g2 you wont be able to add a sd card overal a really good phone
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  5. OCN4LC4PON3

    OCN4LC4PON3 New Member

    thanks for the help the G2 is the 32gb model at verizon.
  6. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Id go for the g2 then :thumbup:
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  7. Thom

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    I moved this thread to the sub0forum where phone comparisons are discussed.

    ... Thom
  8. icemanchilled

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    Easy choice then, LG G2 it is. :)
  9. OCN4LC4PON3

    OCN4LC4PON3 New Member

    Thx yeah I figured lg g2 its free so i save 108

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