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  1. kratos

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    I have a need for a php or AJAX script that will allow me to take notes and then be able to search and organize those notes. I currently am working on a very big website and don't have time to write one myself. This is for my schooling to make it easier for me to access my notes anywhere.

    Does anyone know of a good script that will allow me to quickly and easily browse, search, and organize the notes taken and stored, as well as an interface to actually record the notes? Security is not much of an issue as I will simply be interfacing it with my current secured admin section of my website. I just don't have a whole lot of time to write the script myself right now.


  2. Hangdog42

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    About the closest I've ever seen is Knowledgetree, which is a document management system. It doesn't have any note taking interface, but if you take notes in a text editor or word processor, you could upload them. It does allow organization and searching.
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  3. kratos

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    Thank you. I will check that out and maybe it will work long enough for me to get some time to write my own script.

    Again thank you.


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