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Help with preloaded garbage from service providerSupport

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  1. aligould

    aligould New Member


    Yesterday I bought a LG Optimus Black from a shop that sells phones for several different mobile service providers. I chose to go with Virgin mobile but when I got the phone home it is preloaded with all this garbage for Optus. There is a category under Applications entitled "Optus" which cannot be removed and it is filled with several different options that all take you to the Optus webpage.

    I was just wondering if it is possible to get rid of this garbage by reinstalling android and how I can go about doing it.

    I'm a complete phone noob and any help would be appriciated :)


  2. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, What country do you live in.
    In the US VM is rumored to be getting the OB maybe by the end of this year or early next.
  3. Manny Avatar

    Manny Avatar Member

    Still trying to get rid of my pre-loaded garbage... did you get a response to this question?

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