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Help with Ringtones...

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  1. Crimefightncop

    Crimefightncop New Member

    Ok...I hate to sound like a dunce, but I'm having the same problem. I have located the files I created in the Ringtones Folder, but when I get a call, I just get the normal default ring. I have set 4 different ringtones for 4 different people but no dice. I also tried to locate the folder with the factory ringtones thinking that is where I should move them too, but no dice on that either. I'm coming from an Apple environment to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Also, I have tried looking it up. Help??

  2. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Two options:

    1. Use root explorer (from market) and copy any mp3 files to:
    /system/media/audio> Then choose either alarm/notifications/ringtones folder depending on what you want the audio to be used for.
    *this options requires you to have your phone rooted (jailbroken)

    2. Zedge Android app that will set ringtones from the mp3s you download from their app.

    If you already have the tune you want then option would be the best. Root explorer allows you see all the system directories and apps.
  3. Turilo

    Turilo New Member

    ive tried this myself with no luck it seems with root explorer is it because system audio is in use?

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