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help with RockChip (mebook) reader anyone?

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  1. nagash13

    nagash13 New Member

    I bought an ebook reader,with system RockChip RK2738 SDK (version 1.1.1 touch) before a week.It's the chinese one,with many brand names,like Mebook Reader as the most well knowned.
    From the first time using it,since now,it shuts down after 3 minutes (although I didn't select that option) and after that all my data are lost!
    The weird thing is that all settings are lost too,except the date and time..
    I tried to contact the seller,and the only thing he could tell me in english was to format it-which I tried,with no luck several times,unless I do it wrong!
    I tried to contact another seller with chinese products,and they suggested me to do a factory reset,but they don't know how that can be done (no such setting)

    Can someone tell me what can I do,or if there's a possibility to change firmware to make it work? (and how that can be done?)
    Any suggestions welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Chinese Android device that's faulty and malfunctioning. Probably only thing you can do is get it exchanged, if you can.
  3. nagash13

    nagash13 New Member

    well,the bad news are that the seller is out of stock,so he couldn't replace it..the good news are that he refund me,and told me to keep it,since he had to pay a big amount for the return fees..just before a few days I found that the only way to make it work,is to plug a micro sd card (but the ones used for mobiles only) and browse my data from it!

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