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  1. Bertie81

    Bertie81 New Member

    i have tried numerous times to root my gt540 but to no avail and its driving me nuts at this stage :mad:,these are the thing i have tried...z4root,universal androot,superoneclick,i have done hard resets before i did it just to see was it that but no,everything else i have done correctly but my phone will just not root:confused:!!!,i just rang a phone repair shop today to see cud he do it and he said he wasnt sure but in saying that he never had one come into his shop for rooting,by the way im in ireland on the meteor network....any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Bertie81

    Bertie81 New Member

    WOW!,225 views and not 1 person replys.....says a lot really!!!!

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