Help with rooting Samsung doubletime android 2.2.2

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  1. Celaine77

    Celaine77 New Member

    I am very new at this but i do know that i really need to root this phone and figure this stuff out i cant move hardly anything to the sd card i only have about 6 to 9 apps mosta came with the phone and i cant download anything else, I am having a problem with superoneclick, when i right click on the icon it says "unable to find the version of runtime to run this application, i am running net framework 4..on windows xp home edition sp3, i really dont know what i need to get this going on my computer i have all the back up and superuser and uninstall apps on my phone..can anybody give me any advice at all???

  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    We don't have a Doubletime section, hopefully you'll find some answer here.
  3. LickeyMong

    LickeyMong Well-Known Member

    I'd try ginger break since its pre gingerbread if that doesn't work try z4 root

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