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  1. aljundi91

    aljundi91 New Member


    Just bought a brand new Sgs2 two weeks ago and i love it, but lately i noticed something with the battery, the thing is when my phone is done charging ( it beeps twice ) and i unplug it, the batery widget shows 97 % of battery left, if i plug the charger again it charges the phone for like 3 minutes and beeps again, i unplug and the battery shows 99 % , i charge it again, after 3 minutes it finally reaches 100 %
    Is this normal or do i have to be concerned ?

    Sorry for taking so long, appreciate your help

    Thanks. :)

  2. eaknet

    eaknet Active Member

    I'm pretty sure this is normal behavior, it happened on my SGS2 as well. One poster in the forims said it is a battery saving feature, that the charger goes to 100% then turns off chaeging unless the level drops below 90%, at which time it begins to charge again. When i say battery saving i mean battery protecting.

    Didnt seembto affect my usage time at all. Good luck!
  3. aljundi91

    aljundi91 New Member

    Thanks for helping :)
  4. aljundi91

    aljundi91 New Member

    Forgot to say that my brothers sgs2 doesnt do that
  5. aljundi91

    aljundi91 New Member

    Help please

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