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  1. barnes0624

    barnes0624 New Member

    Hey guys, I just bought myself an LG Ally today and am really loving everything about the phone. I downloaded the SNEsoid app, been playing ROMs on my computer for awhile now, but every time I download a ROM, <removed> being my main, I get the error message, load ROM failed, please try another file. I tried unzipping also, but none seem to work :confused:. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  2. CheeseJam

    CheeseJam Well-Known Member

    Try downloading them onto your computer, then transfer them to your phone/SD Card. Worked for me! :)
  3. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    seems like some rom websites downloaders(not all) corrupts the files when downloading to android.

    romhustler seems to work fine without corrupting the files.
  4. barnes0624

    barnes0624 New Member

    I have been downloading them from my phone, but i will try out transferring files from my computer tomorrow. If I have a Mac, will it cause any problems in the transfer process? To Rob, I did try out that same exact site, but still no luck.
  5. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    I use that site and I download the rom to my computer, unzip it and then transfer it to my phone. That works fine.
  6. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    what does the file name of the roms have to be? when i download them, they all have ".7z" as the file extention.
  7. Nickc001

    Nickc001 Well-Known Member

    Get ROMbuddy, no need to transfer from your computer to phone anymore...
  8. barnes0624

    barnes0624 New Member

    alright just got it to work, thanks for all the help. Now it is time to go beat Super Mario rpg on another platform lol. Thanks again.
  9. Aaronneyer

    Aaronneyer Well-Known Member

    It can not read .7z files, you will need to use 7Zip(It's free) to unzip the rom and then put this on your phone.
  10. StuartTheFish

    StuartTheFish Well-Known Member

    Unzip them and you'll be left with the .smc file. Then transfer it onto your SD card.

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  11. OMRebel2013

    OMRebel2013 Active Member

    where do you get this?
  12. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

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