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  1. devonfwright

    devonfwright New Member

    so i have an old Free and Clear plan (3000 minutes, unlimited text and data, etc). Granted this plan is about 8 years old, but i have been using it on WinMo phones for 4 years now with no problem. I just got off the phone with Sprint, and they are insisting that i upgrade to a new plan of theirs if i want an Epic 4g. I understand that regardless of my plan i will be charged the $10 premium data fee, so why can't they just charge me an extra $10 and add that to my new plan?

    Has anyone found any kind of work around for this yet? And the main reason i won't change my plan, it's only $14/month for the minutes, data, weekend minutes, and TEP with all taxes included. I can't justify an $80 increase in monthly service charges for this phone.

    Please let me know if anyone out there has successfully been able to get an older plan grandfathered in for a new 4G phone on sprint.



  2. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    I dont want to make you any promises, but when I switch to the Everything Data 450... my 25% employee discount transfered.. Sprint asked no questions.
  3. Seddy

    Seddy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately you will not be able to use a Grandfathered plan on any of our new devices. The grandfathered plans are only good if you keep the same device. Since most of the new phones require data plans, the system will not allow the phone to be added to the account without changing the plan.
  4. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Not going to be able to grandfather this old plan with an Epic. Sprint's made it pretty clear that any device that accesses Wimax will require an updated plan.
  5. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    i think you are SOL. there is no way sprint will let you keep that plan with any new model devices. that's how they get people to get out of old plans, because they know eventually, people will want/need a new phone.

    unless, i don't know if this will work, you already have the device in hand (unsubsidized), maybe they can then activate it under current contract. i highly doubt that they would for a 4G device, but maybe a non-4G device?
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    The only smart phone phone that will work with your existing plan is the Touch Pro 2.

    That's what I got for my wife since her plan is too good to give up.

    Nope, all Android phones must be activated with a EPRP / ED / EM plan or SERO w/ premium option. No exceptions.
  7. ufjason

    ufjason New Member

    You can activate an android on a free and clear 3000 plan. I've been using a Hero for almost a year now. You can use any 3g phone after it's been out for a certain amount of time. The problem is that without your indirect account executive's approval, you will NOT be able to activate a 4g android phone. It would only cost an extra $10 bucks but without them signing off, you can't upgrade. I'm in the same boat, would love to get an Evo, qualify for the upgrade but can't get it due to my not working for the retailer I got my plan with 10 years ago!
  8. zuma

    zuma Member

    @ufjason--I'd love details on how you got an android on the FC plan. Please pm. Thanks.
  9. JMac202

    JMac202 Well-Known Member

    I lost my old retention plan of 50 bucks a month with 1000 minutes Unlimited texts, data email etc when I upgraded. I wasn't too happy but I wanted a new phone and had no choice.
  10. swivle

    swivle New Member

    Go to the support site and request a tech over text dialogue. Do not call them. The supps are told not to support these lines. I now have an epic 4g and am getting it warrantied and everything. Your third party lines are quite valid and will be until we see what happens with the new sprint deal next year. The plan is the same with the wimax and lte. Tell the tech that you no longer have access to the 3rd party reps and need help.

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