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  1. nhanimator

    nhanimator Member

    If I try to stream videos from my SGS2 to my PS3 via Allshare, it shows a correct number of thumbnails, but states the videos are "Unsupported Data".

    I do not want to use any other method at this time. I'd just like to try to make this work. Is there some restriction (file size, resolution, etc.) I need to be aware of? Or is there some reason for the 'unsupported data' message?


  2. solid_s_1117

    solid_s_1117 Well-Known Member

    What format are the files in? The PS3 does not support .3gpp files, which the phone uses to record HD video. Download a video converter and make them into mp4's (or another supported format by Sony).

    * Or record in a lower quality resolution (below 720p) and the videos will be saved in mp4.

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