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  1. Tps07

    Tps07 New Member

    I recently purchased a Hauppauge Broadway live TV streamer model 1435 (like slingbox).

    The live stream is meant to work through the browser. It had at one point used Flash but then the box's firmware was upgraded to use H.264.

    The stream works flawlessly on my wife's Razr HD.

    On my S4 the page loads as normal and the video stream comes up almost immediately but then just as quick freezes. No amount of waiting helps.

    This occurs both on WIFI and LTE. I also reduced the quality to the lowest setting, although it works on the highest setting on the Razr HD.

    I also tried 6 different browsers with same or worse results.

    I've checked with Hauppauge tech support but they could only report it as a bug for this phone.

    I have noticed that others have been having issues with live tv streaming. But haven't found anyone with this specific issue.

    I'm gonna try reverting the box to the old Flash type streaming and try it now that I have my phone setup to use Flash.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Tps07

    Tps07 New Member

    I tried using Flash and it kinda works. It's very choppy. You get a second of video every 6-8 seconds. Same with either WIFI or LTE.
  3. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    Can you not try putting the stream URL directly into a media player app, like MX Player?
  4. Tps07

    Tps07 New Member

    Thanks so much for the suggestion.
    I tried running the stream and then copying the url into MX Player, but it just says "can't play this video."

    Since posting yesterday however, the tv stream has been working flawlessly.
    The only thing I did since was fooling around installing different flash apks to get the Dolphin browser working. Although I didn't follow through with Dolphin, the Firefox flash stream is perfect.

    Coincidentally, PCTV (i guess parent to Hauppauge) released a new firmware last night for their European counterpart. I might give that a try to get the H.264 stream working. The only difference to me now that I got the flash working is that with the H.264 stream I'm able to expand to full screen.
  5. Tps07

    Tps07 New Member

    No luck with new firmware (for H.264 stream). Stream starts and stops after a second or so. Oh well, back to Flash.

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