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  1. Jamez369

    Jamez369 Member

    Hi, I recently bought a huawei m835 from a person on craigslist and when I tried switching my service to it it didnt work. On the phone under status the service state says in service but under mobile network it says disconnected. I tried contacting the person but no reply, is there any way I can switch the service to that phone? Btw my carrier is metro pcs thanks

  2. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    does it have a custom rom on it?
  3. Jamez369

    Jamez369 Member

    Nope but the person finally got back to me saying he will call the metro store, will keep you posted
  4. Jamez369

    Jamez369 Member

    Unfortunately he didnt call metro, trying to kepp contacting him. Is there any other way? The phone is not rooted
  5. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    what android version is it?
  6. Jamez369

    Jamez369 Member

    Got it resolved he called metro a second time and its off his account now
  7. scififan1234

    scififan1234 New Member

    For anyone else looking for a solution, you have three options to switch a phone on metro pcs:

    Option 1 - Call the automated phone switch number *228 I think thats it and follow the directions, easy. Or you can go through customer service *611
    How to Switch My Metro PCS Service to Another Metro PCS Phone |

    Option 2 - Diy for advanced users, dont understand it myself but here: How to program a MetroPCS phone manually

    Option 3 - go to metro pcs in person, and shell out ten dollars for them to call the same number above.

    Another note and correct me if I'm wrong, but all my friends who switched a non metro phone to their metro acct had limited functionality. Like no web.

    My first post on androidforums yay!:D
    -edit second post in AF yay.:rolleyes:
  8. sundoll44

    sundoll44 New Member

    I have a Huawei M835 phone with metro pcs and would like to change carriers to T mobile. Is there a way to unlock the phone to be able to use it with T mobile

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