Help with Tasker to silence phone

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  1. tlc56

    tlc56 New Member

    I want Tasker to silence when I am at a certain address ie; Church or Office. I don't want it to search cell towers because sometime it may not get a strong enough signal and it will go off. Thinking I want it to have a 1/4 mile radius around an address. Is this possible?

  2. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    For location based events you can use either wifi, GPS, or cell near. Sounds like you have 2 choices if you don't like the cell near. GPS uses more power but its more accurate and yes you can set the radius. Wifi is by far the best on battery. Also, you can edit the times tasker does it checks .
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  3. tlc56

    tlc56 New Member

    Thanks I'll give wifi set up a try

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