Help with Temple Run 2 Data???

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  1. dazapper

    dazapper New Member

    Hello Guys Im new here I dont know if this is the support section or not but it is game related lol. I have been playing temple run 2 on my htc evo 4g without a sd card and built up a ton of stats, now I recently put in a micro sd card and all the data has been set back to 0 everything is gone. now here is the funny part, I take out the Micro Sd card and everything is back my scores coins everything, but when I put the sd card back in, poof it disappears. does anybody know how to solve this issue?

  2. umswickedest

    umswickedest New Member

    im disappointed and discouraged there are no solutions/replies to your dilemma as IT'S MINE TOO. but WORSE, i NEVER recovered any of the data back when i moved the game back to the phone. I am yet to receive a support email back from imangi. Im beyond deflated by this sh!t. i refuse to play it again til i get my progress back. do u know how long it take to get just 1/3 of 10mil metres on level 8?????!! and there is NO support on the web that i can find at all.
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Try moving the game to SD card?

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