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Help with the Wifi "error" message.

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  1. jwilliams31327

    jwilliams31327 New Member

    I am a new android user. My current phone is the Samsung Dart running 2.2. I was able to connect to my home wireless router easily when I first got my phone. When I went to a friends house I used their router and when I got home I was not able to connect to my network. When I go under "settings," "wireless and networks," and then "wifi settings" I keep getting an error message underneath the wifi check mark box. I have read other forum posts with a similar problem and they tried all types of restarts on the phone but it would never work. There must be some sort of software that I could download to fix this problem. If someone could assist that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. SprintTechJosh

    SprintTechJosh Well-Known Member

    See if your phone needs a software update. From the home screen hit the menu button, go to settings, then scroll down to the bottom and look for "update" "system update" or sometimes the update feature is in the "about phone" option.

    If that doesn't work try putting the phone in airplane mode and then taking it off. This will power down all the radios and start them back up.

    Also you could try going back into your wi-fi settings menu, tap your home network and pick "forget". Then rescan for networks and try setting up your home network again.
  3. jwilliams31327

    jwilliams31327 New Member

    I tried all of those methods, which presumed would be adequate since that is what I tend to do with my Ipod and laptop. None of them worked. Thanks for the help and if you know of anything else please feel free to respond.
  4. SprintTechJosh

    SprintTechJosh Well-Known Member

    Have you tried pulling the power on your router for 30 seconds and plugging it back in to restart it?
  5. I Think This Will Solve Your Problem -

    Go into the RAM Manager and do a level 1 clear of the memory. If that doesn't do it, do a level 2 clear.

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