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Discussion in 'App Inventor' started by Ano1987, May 17, 2012.

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    May 17, 2012
    I have this idea:

    - InputTextField for a question.
    - SubmitButton to store (the question typed in InputTextField) in TinyWebDB
    - QuestionsField to show the latest question that was stored in TinyWebDB

    I defined a global : NumberofQuestions as Number[o]

    On ScreenInitialize:
    Set InputTextField.Text to Text[EMPTY]. (So users can fill in a question)

    Everytime I press SubmitButton, 2 things happen:

    The QuestionCount is stored:
    Global[NumberofQuestions will get +1 and then gets stored in
    TinyWebDB as: KEY: QuestionCount, value: Global[NumberofQuestions]+1

    The Question itself is stored:
    Key: Global[NumberofQuestions], value: InputTextField.Text

    Now I want to show the latest question that is stored on ScreenInitialze and when SubmitButton is pressed.

    I can't figure out how, cause I can't get to print out the value when I use the GetValue of a tag.

    I'm stugglin with Set[QuestionsField.TEXT] to the value(the question) of key 1.

    I don't want to work with lists, I want to store each question in a seperate tag/key in TinyWebDB.

    But I can't figured out how to actually show the value whats inside.


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