Help with unresponsive screen after root

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  1. gforc3

    gforc3 Member

    Just went to install the jb rom on my rooted og droid, got into a bootloop and couldnt get into anything. then, i tried to sbf back to stock frg01b and the screen wouldnt work at all on the "touch the android to begin" screen. if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated as i need this phone working. thanks

  2. gforc3

    gforc3 Member

    buttons dont work either, i've tried multiple sbf files and all of them have the same result; no touch capability.
  3. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Are you getting a "PASS" message in RSD Lite? Which version of RSD Lite are you using?

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