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    Sep 26, 2011
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    ok, ive had my vibrant since valentines day 2011, and now 7 months later i am ready to throw it at a concrete wall:mad:. THIS THING LAGS, OK SO WHEN I TAP THE HOME BUTTON I GET TO MY HOMESCREEN AND MY APPS DONT SHOW UP FOR 10-20 SECONDS, AND FACEBOOK ALWAYS:mad: FORCE CLOSES BUT GIVES ME THE OPTION TO "WAIT". and also i have to pull the battery out at least once a day!! i love this phone but its reallly pissing me off, i also rooted it via superoneclick, but have done NO customizations to it, because i have no clue how (call me a noob i dont care). and i had a task killer up until about a month and a half ago, but the manager at the tmobile store told me to delete it so, i did. also i get quadrant scores no more or no less than 850-950. and when im listening to music sometime it skips as if im listening to one of those old portable cd players. and i have NO IDEA WHAT A ROM IS SO DONT EXPECT ME TO UNDERSTAND ANY GEEKY TALK. im on evryday and know my way around android, i know what words like "processor" and "RAM" and "MBPS" mean so im not completely dumb on this subject, i just dont know why my phone is like this, it was good for the first 2 and a half months but these last 5 months have been irritating, all i want is someone to help, cuz i know my phone should be faster! im also running 2.2 and i got the OFFICIAL version of it, i downloaded it from samsung mini kies via usb cable on my laptop. again, please help, OOHH ALSO ONE MOREE THING, MY WIFI NEVER TURNS ON THE FIRST TIME I TRY, I GOTTA RESTART MY PHONE, AND THEN IF I DISCONNECT AND TRY TO RE-CONNECT IT SAYS ERROR, UNDER WIFI IN SETTINGS, AND MY MOBILE HOTSPOT WORKS ABOUT 70 PERCENT OF THE TIME, but yeah PLEASE I BEG OF YOU HELP MEEEEE!!

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    Sep 3, 2010
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    Goto xda developers site.go to vibrant forums NOOB GUIDE. Also Rootzwiki site. Xda will explain everyhthing. CNET is crap

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