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  1. turbofandude

    turbofandude New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I just recently got a Connect 4G/LTE (MetroPCS) and it is a great phone, except for the fact that I cannot stay on Wifi. No matter what I do, the phone will connect to Wifi successfully, work for anywhere from 1-3 minutes and drop Wifi, usually to attempt to pick-up 4G. I have NEVER seen it show me on 3G, I am not sure if it is supposed to or not. I have done the best I can on my own, and I do not know where to go from here. I do not wish to root my phone, but I can if possible.

    I have tried using tools to tweak settings, I have upgraded firmware on my router, I have tried WSA-PSK (AES) only security on my router, I have set the sleep policy to "never". I have also reset my modem and router several times. I am not sure if a static IP will work in my situation either.

    I am pretty experienced with computers, just new to Android, and have worked a small amount with flashing tools (although never successfully).

    If anyone can give me any advice, please. The default Metro EasyWifi is still installed, I am not sure if I can anything about it.

    Here is some of the OS info for extra use:
    Model Number: LG-MS840
    Android Version: 2.3.6
    SW Version: MS840ZV9

  2. Do you have a battery saving type app like Juice Defender on your phone? because I had that on mine cause everyone said its the best Battery saving app, and it is. but it kept messing with the wifi and 4g radios were some of the time the 4g would just disappear. or my wifi wouldn't work.

    if not then it might be a hardware issue
  3. kidthai

    kidthai Well-Known Member

    My phone wasn't like this when I got it, but its been acting like this for a couple of days. I've been having network issues ever since metro updated their prl to 3027. But I'm thinking somethings wrong with my phone since the wifi keeps dropping, my brothers galaxy player stays on wifi the whole day while mine keeps getting disconnected. Might take my phone to replace it.
  4. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Do you have easy wifi running cuz I had to delete it cuz it was causing wifi problems if you do have it freeze it with Gemini or block it that way you still have it if you ever have to go back stock
  5. kidthai

    kidthai Well-Known Member

    I have deleted that already. Weird buy my wifi isn't dropping anymore. :/
  6. Any advice, I'm having same problem.
  7. rk0601

    rk0601 Member

    Just wanted to follow up on this, specifically what midnightdreamz said. I didn't notice until after I had installed Juice Defender, but that's when I started having problems with wifi. Since that time (maybe about 3 weeks ago), I uninstalled JD but still have problems staying connected to wifi. What I've noticed I have to do is disable Data when I'm connected to wifi, with no issues. (I attach myself to 3 routers: an old netgear b router, a linksys n router, and whatever the heck my Verizon Fios router is). Not sure if it was juice defender that screwed up wifi/data radios, but for me they simply both can't be on at the same time. If anyone has run into the same thing or might know how to run a diagnostic of some sort, I'm game.
  8. CrzyUgly

    CrzyUgly New Member

    I bought the Lg Connect 2 days ago. It was great, still is in my opinion, but what I hate about it is the Wifi Ins&Outs.

    My Wifi would connect and then a few minutes later, it would disconnect. And do this over and over and over again. I've read a few solutions on this site, but I don't know if it'll work for my phone, as said, we all might have different problems or whatnot.

    I don't feel like I want to root my phone. So, I'm in the positive about trying out a NetGear Router just to see if the cause is because N series or whatever. :/

    But please, if you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate the help. :D
  9. CrzyUgly

    CrzyUgly New Member

    Okay, So I did as I said I would and went to Walmart. Got a $30 NetGear Wireless G Router...and viola! My Lg Connect doesn't have the issue of going In&Out of the Wifi anymore. :/ Which is totally weird. So, ya never know, it might just work for your phone too.

    Hope this helps. :D
  10. SecretFlamez

    SecretFlamez Well-Known Member

    I tried Juice Defender and it ruined up Wifi Settings , Dont use it ever! Use GO Power Manager , It is the best that has no cons really , Easier interface and easier to use!

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