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  1. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 Member

    Hello everyone!

    I bought myself the HTC Wildfire about a week back. I have a few questions regarding the wallpaper and the lock screen resolution.

    The Wildfire screen resolution is 240x320. What should the ideal resolution be for my lock screen and wallpaper images?

    When I set a 240x320 image as wallpaper or lock screen it appears very pixelated. However, when using resolutions of 640x480 and above, the wallpaper looks great but the lock screen is still pixelated. Also, when selecting the lock screen image I can't select the whole thing. Parts always get cropped.

    Somehow the HTC backgrounds that are present on the phone don't look as pixelated although they are of a lower resolution.

    Any help regarding the best wallpaper and lock screen resolution for the Wildfire is greatly appreciated.

  2. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Active Member

    is it not the case of the DPI needing to be higher because of such a small res?
  3. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 Member

    I'm sorry but I don't quite understand. What exactly should I do for the lock screen? Since it's just a single screen, do I use 240x320 (Wildfire screen res)? Or something else and crop? How do I check / change DPI?
  4. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Active Member

    I'm only guessing that its the DPI as to why its pixellated as i've not tried to add any wallpapers to mine, but seeing how the res is so small, and that when resizing images down to a low res they come out pixalated due in no small part to the DPI not being increased, i suggested it might be that.

    DPI = Dots Per Inch and default settings for DPI is usually 72.

    I personally would resize any images using irfanview as it gives the option when resizing to set the DPI.
  5. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 Member

    Thanks a lot. I will try that.

    There's one funny thing though. The default HTC Lock Screen Images stored in the /system/customize/resource directory are all 240x320 and can be applied to the lock screen without any cropping. However, when I put in my own pictures at 240x320 I am asked to crop before I can set them as the lock screen wallpaper. I cannot select the whole image. A little bit of it always gets cropped. So I think the lock screen wallpaper is slightly different from 240x320. Am I right?
  6. pogle

    pogle New Member

    I use 480x320 for wallpaper. This is because the image scrolls horizontally on the home screen. (drag arrows when selecting to use full image)

    The lock screen looks like it uses 240x320, although I just use the same 480x320 and drag it to full height centered.

    I suppose the perfect way would be to have 480x320 for wallpaper and the same image in 240x320 for lock screen.
  7. Spooky_

    Spooky_ Member

    The wallpaper for the home screen needs to be 452x301px and the wallpaper for the lock screen needs to be 240x301px (due to the 19px taskbar at the top). This way you are able to resize the crop box to the full size of the images and it should be 1:1 pixel mapped.
  8. Ritwik7

    Ritwik7 Member

    Thanks a lot Spooky_. Just one question, how did you determine that the Taskbar was 19 pixels in height?
  9. Pipps

    Pipps Member

    Yeah, Spooky_! Did you get a magnifying glass and count them on your screen or something! :D

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