Help with wiping Epic 4G

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  1. Jekka

    Jekka New Member

    My Epic recently took a spill and the digitizer went. Instead of taking the time and repairing it or paying the insane repair bill..I just went back to HTC.

    Now I need to sell this one but ALL my personal information is in this phone. With the LCD out how do I wipe this phone clean?

    I would also like to access my contact lists and pictures in there if possible but each time I hook it up to the PC I don't see it in the computer files even though I swear that option was automatic.

    Help anyone?


  2. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    check out this video itll walk you through flashing it with Odin:
    if the home key still worked you could perform a factory reset with recovery =/

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