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(Help you) Flash marquee to virgin mobile USSupport

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  1. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    So I'm bored and I miss my virgin mobile friends. This weekend I'm offering to help you flash your sprint lg marquee to virgin mobile.

    There is no charge whatsoever. You just need to be able to put both phones in diag mode. you must have a virgin mobile donor phone* windows 7 and teamviewer. As well as be able to connect both phones at the same time to your laptop. If you know how to put a boost marquee in diag mode and wanna try this pm me.

    * I have one donor phone left that I've pulled everything off of if a certain dev needs it.

  2. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    Record that teamviewer and make it a youtube guide
  3. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    I made a video once flashing a nexus s but it has esns and other info I didn't feel like editing

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