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  1. vaibhav_kumar

    vaibhav_kumar New Member

    how to store apps in sd card

    and how to connect cell to our pc for net

    send me on my e mail id

  2. dpkakasny

    dpkakasny Member

    use apps2card for storing apps on sd card (though not all apps can be moved by this, for that u have to root your phone)..

    simply use wifi router to use net with ur pc
  3. maheshkumar

    maheshkumar New Member

    connect the data cable to pc.den

    go to setting -> wireless and network settings ->tethering and portable hotspot -> den check the usb tethering button.

    if the above step wont work, make sure that u connect the data cable so that the phone cannot be used as an usb/memory card .if this is ok, den it has to tether automatically and u can use net directly.otherwise its problem with ur data cable

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