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  1. ajtaylor09

    ajtaylor09 New Member

    I have just done the whole S-OFF and rooting of my HTC Desire S.
    But i really need to get it back to stock as it was, out of the box.

    It is on 2.3.3 firmware.
    The phone was a branded 3 phone, but was unlocked before all this happened.

    What RRU will i need to get it back to where it was or as a unbranded HTC?

    And how do i do it?

  2. ajtaylor09

    ajtaylor09 New Member

    Ok, so an update from last night.
    I tried booting through reveloutionary recovery and running a stock HTC Europe Ruu 140.......etc.

    The problems i have found are the phone now keeps restaring and rebooting itself.
    The superuser icon is still on the phone.
    Also i keep getting two HTC errors which are android,process.media and com.htc (when trying the internet) which keeps occuring leaving a unstable and useable phone.

    I really need help on this now and want to get it back to stock asap.
    Please help
  3. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Were the problems you mention (the restarting, rebooting and the two errors) there before you flashed the RUU?

    How did you originally S-Off and root your phone?

    What do the first four or five lines say above the date on the white boot screen?

    Can you give us the full file name of the RUU, starting 'RUU_Saga_...' you used on your phone?
  4. ajtaylor09

    ajtaylor09 New Member

    Right - Ive left my phone last night after all this and it was off.

    I have plugged it in now and its completely unresponsive. Need help first because i cant get to the white screen as nothing is happening! :-(
  5. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    First ensure the phone is powered off > Remove battery for 30 seconds > Replace battery and power on phone.

    If that doesn't do anything, after the above, press and hold the volume down button and press power on button to get to the boot screen.

    If you still don't get anywhere, try connecting your phone via the USB cable to a computer with HTC Sync. (Try this also after removing the battery as above, after you're sure the phone is powered off.)

    If you don't want to risk sending it to be repaired, then the only way that might do anything (and it is a long shot), is to install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) to see if you can establish a link or wake the phone via USB. (Although you may establish a link, you may not be able to re-boot the phone.) It's technical stuff. This is the software that's used to create apps for Android, so you need to be very careful with how you use it, because, if you haven't bricked your phone so far, you could still do so with the SDK.

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