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  1. azertyuiop973

    azertyuiop973 New Member

    helo im realy ... my walkman is briked in i try every thing ! i try odin +volume up down+ usb ... avery thing i think !:confused:
    well can you help me the cause of all of this is when i was changing framework-res.apk and when il restard the phone boom it's bricked !--'

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}


    Welcome aboard the forum. Sorry to hear that. What kind of phone do you have? You wrote "walkman" is that the name of it? If so, I'm not familiar with that model. Could you give us a little more detail.
  3. azertyuiop973

    azertyuiop973 New Member

    yes i have a sony ericsson live whit walkman(wt19i) and i wose changing the framework-res.apk and i restar my phone and the marque sony ericsson and boot animation are restarting and restarting and i think is bricked and i woul'd like to debricked , my phone dont have the recovery in the phone plis help me plis !
  4. azertyuiop973

    azertyuiop973 New Member

    cood i you this ? and my phone is rooted whit original version no recovery !

    1) phone ROM must be original ROM, and must be ROOT
    2) require that the phone is installed in the BusyBox (do not know how to install before I can see the log write Portal: The Sony Ericsson WT19i install BusyBox)
    3) In the phone settings menu - the application will be "unknown source" check mark, while "development" item will be "USB debugging" check mark.
    4) The phone connected to the computer via USB, PC to run "SE_Extreme_Tweak_Installer.exe" (requires the system to be installed. Net framework 3.5)
    5) After the selection of the operation desired, then click "Install"
    6) Done!
    Click here to download

    HSRBNR Active Member

    Your phone can be repaired. I am new to this phone too, so i don't know much but try to search a flashing utility for SE xperia devices on internet.

    Better than above:
    If you are a member of XDA Forums then post this question here:

    Xperia Mini & Mini Pro & Active General - xda-developers

    If you are not a member, then register there. They Use LWW often to refer to SE live with walkman.

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