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  1. JennieA

    JennieA Member

    Hello! My micro sd card "broke" the other day and I lost all of my data, apps and pictures. Is there any way to retrieve my pics? I have tried about 15 different photo recovery apps but nothing has worked. I DESPERATELY want my pics back...

  2. Jishkah

    Jishkah Member

    How did it break? Was it physical, or is it just the flash memory that's corrupt? If it's not physical, you can give Recuva a try; I haven't used it before, but people swear up and down by it. Otherwise, if it's physical... you're pretty much SOL.
  3. JennieA

    JennieA Member

    I am not sure what happened to the micro sd card.....all of a sudden I got a message that "there was no sd card present" or it was "unmounted".....mind you I had not done anything with the card at all. I have tried literally 15 plus sites to recover the pics....nada. Some of the recovery sites find "files" but when I open them nothing is there.
  4. JennieA

    JennieA Member

    Is there a place on the phone other than the sd card that would contain my pics? I would do anything to get them back....
  5. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Ive had issues with my SD card and my music files not being scanned correctly while trying to use Poweramp...Not sure if you have tried this, but what seems to help me is to remove the sd card by pushing something small like the tip of a pen and removing it, and then re-inserting it. Hope this works for ya.
  6. D1L

    D1L New Member

    My guess it is a bug, been getting that a lot these few days too. I simply just turn it off (hold the power button and click Power off) and turn it back on and all the files and apps are there working. But it really if annoying. I am thinking of backing up the sd card soon.
  7. JennieA

    JennieA Member

    Yeah, I tried turning it on and off several times, removing the battery and sd card.....to no avail.
    I don't really care about the apps, just my pics! I had to put my cat to sleep and have pics on there that I can't duplicate....and VERY bummed.

    I may try to blow air into the SD port on the phone? Heard that from someone else....I am open to any and all suggestions!!
  8. Jishkah

    Jishkah Member

    Are you overclocking your phone in any way, shape, or form? I've noticed that if I have my phone overclocked to anything above 700-ish Mhz, the SD card unmounts itself on occasion and then everything is screwy after that. If you have a Micro-SD-to-SD card, plug it in to your computer; see if you can get Recuva to work on it. Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you; you could search on Lifehacker or Reddit for "data recovery", and you might find something there.
  9. JennieA

    JennieA Member

    What do you mean by overclocking it? I have tried recuva with a card reader and can't reover anything. It "finds" files but when zi go to open them they are blank, makes me think somethingh is still there!!!
  10. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    does it recover the files with the right extension (jpg) or is it naming them something else?

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