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  1. wesomatic

    wesomatic New Member

    Hello, I was trying to install a custom rom on mytouch4gslide S-On Unlocked HBOOT-1.45.0013 and CWM. I flashed the kernal per xda instructions but the rom will not install per recovery the very first one would not install because of verify signature. I screwed up and did not backup per rom manager. Now I get other errors now. What did I do wrong in the flashing??? I can still HBOOT and I can still get into CWM Recovery.
    Really screwd up on not backing up.... Can my phone be saved????:confused:

  2. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    Hey again, it is dead over here in this section, so if you don't get many responses try posting in the Android discussion lounge. Over at Xda the member named firefairy seemed to have a similar problem to you, you can read about it at the end of this thread. Maybe you could inbox him or her, and ask what they did.
    [Q] Trying to Root: hboot 1.45.0013, Unlocked Bootloader, S-ON - xda-developers
    P.s. Don't tell the guys at xda about my awesome monkey hat in my picture on this site, just kidding:)
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  3. wesomatic

    wesomatic New Member

    Hello just wanted you to know that I got my phone back up. Managed to get Pyroice installed. So I am a happy camper again...:D
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