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  1. saffer1

    saffer1 New Member

    Hi :hello: my first post and also my first sony live, already i need help please

    How can i delete pictures in my Xperia Gallery?? i have tried everything even via usb but no luck !! As far as i can tell they are not on the card but in the phone if i select all or one------ there is no option to delete !!!!:mad::confused:

    Thank You

  2. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    welcome to AF :)

    pretty easy. just touch n hold the folder or picture you want to delete, a small green check mark will appear, touch menu button n it shows delete option. select multiple items by only touching them after you've selected the first one. you can also choose select all from menu and delete

    Cheers :)

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