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  1. icyboyice

    icyboyice Well-Known Member

    :( my phone was acting up ...like my lock button stopped working out of nowhere , and my home button , search button , and camera button acted as if i was holding down the power button ..?? So i did a factory reset ( i was on monster 5.3 by the way ) , and now my phone boots but then stays black and vibrates from time to time. I tried to flash a backup before the reset , but the home button was not responding, therefore i could not make a selection in cwm recovery. i remember this happened to me awhile ago (buttons actions getting mixed up ) , but somehow magically fixed itself . Not this time tho , how can i restore my phone to a working condition ?

  2. socal6107

    socal6107 Well-Known Member

    can u get the phone into download mode?
  3. icyboyice

    icyboyice Well-Known Member

    wen i insert the battery , it boots automatically. Cannot get the phone to stay powered off , required in order to enter download mode :(

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