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  1. zerpheya

    zerpheya New Member

    HELP, I got a android LG lucid recently and have limited data. I have a app that I thought was to tel me my data amount remaining, it says .888 out of 4gb but I just got a text saying I used 50%of my data. I Thou maybe the app was for then maybe my storage, but I have a bunch of songs and movies saved on phone my storage saysd I have 1.23 out left of four.

  2. avelis26

    avelis26 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand, what is the problem?
  3. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    You should have an app called My Verizon Mobile that comes pre-installed on your phone. It will tell you your data usage. You can also set text message alerts at 50% usage, 75%, 90% and 100%.

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