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  1. camaroguy

    camaroguy New Member

    My Photons battery usually lasts up to 3 hours uncharged, and it's becoming a pain to keep having to worry about constanlty charging the phone. But I have checked the other threads, and none had really helped at all. Is their something I can do? I've downloaded battery saver apps, turn off my 4g, wifi, and etc always closing and logging off fb and other stuff and it still seems to die within 3 hours.

  2. jpark

    jpark Active Member

    Unless you are constantly draining the battery with high power activity, you probably just have a bad battery.

    I keep my phone on a charger whenever I can, and it does discharge faster than I like, but you should certainly be able to get 8 hours of battery with normal use.
  3. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide


    Utilize the search feature (desktop) at the very beginning/top of this forum,most,if not all battery issues have been discussed & for the most part solved.But,I'll give the quick condensed version here for the most common issues/solutions:

    1) Utilize the TASK MANAGER application that can be found in the app drawer. While you're in the app drawer ,also take a look @ the HELP CENTER app,lots of good information to be found there as well.Ditto for the SPRINT ZONE application.


    3) Set the screen brightness to AUTOMATIC & utilize a WI-FI connection whenever possible,especially if you're in an extremely weak data coverage area.

    4) For now, & recommended from here on out ,DITCH THE BATTERY-SAVER APPS.Once upon a time,these apps may have provided a marginal savings @ best & in most cases,consumed more battery than they were trying to save.Todays more recent incarnations of ANDROID do not need apps for this & do a pretty decent job of managing battery usage & resources.HOWEVER,if you're wanting to customize your phone experience,apps such as TASKER & LLAMA can help by turning on & off apps & activities based on location &/or time of day.This in turn will probably help w/battery life.

    5) If you don't mind a bit of extra thickness to your phone,an extended battery is an easy solution to your issues.I myself use a TREXCELL 3500 & I can get 12-13 hrs. of moderate-heavy use between charges.A few more brands that come to mind that have had favorable reviews here & elsewhere are SEIDIO,MUGEN,& Q-CELL.
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