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  1. just5_0

    just5_0 New Member

    I have a sprint evo 4g shift and was wanting to flash it over to boost i have a donor phone lg rumor reflex 272 but i can not get it to show up in cdma , do i have to put it in diag mode first? I am really new to this so plz dont laugh to hard. I tried ##3424# but no good, :confused: I also tried the ##PORT# and it went to enter service code and ##3282# and it went to service code .If this phone can work will some one plz help me thank's!

  2. CNexus

    CNexus Active Member

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  3. just5_0

    just5_0 New Member

    Thank's they said on another web site it can not be done, thank's again for the webpag. One more thing how do i get the rumor reflex to show up on my computer i have searched every where but cannot find any info on how to get this phone to show up on my computer? I tried the ##PORT# but it say's enter service code isn't that my spc code? I really hate to ask but iam stuck but thank's again .
  4. just5_0

    just5_0 New Member

    Does anyone know the service code for boost lg rumor reflex? I found a youtube video showing how to get the spc code but it is so aggravating getting the phone to time out. If i had the service code i can get it to show up in cdma i want to thank everyone who has viewed this and tried helping i greatly appreciate it alot.

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