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  1. To_Oaxaca

    To_Oaxaca Member

    I have a rooted phone, and a font installer app asked me to reboot the device (LG Connect) and now it doesnt want to start up, it turns on but stays stuck to the LG logo; after the animation, please help!:(

  2. Mortician607

    Mortician607 Well-Known Member

    Do you have CWM recovery & backup that you can flash?
  3. To_Oaxaca

    To_Oaxaca Member

    No, I took it to a repair shop and they couldnt do anything, they did everything they could but they couldnt find the problem.
  4. bawlz mcnutt

    bawlz mcnutt Well-Known Member

    Do a "Factory Hard Reset" hold the Volume Down + Power buttons when powering on the device and you'll get the Factory Hard Reset prompt.

    Since you don't have CWM installed pressing the power button twice at this point will do a factory reset.

    I believe you will lose any changes you've made to the phone since you got it, but I would imagine that is preferable to a non-working phone.

    Good luck.
  5. To_Oaxaca

    To_Oaxaca Member

    Ive done that and it didnt work, I went to a repair store and they told me it was a system failure, before that, I went to a corporate store and they ordered another device, (It sucks cause its gunna be reconstucted and I bought mine new) :/

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