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  1. dave1986

    dave1986 New Member

    Have had my phone for about a month and my 3 year old loves playing fingerpaint problem she has now bricked the phone as i cant remember my google details (i only ever use yahoo for email) and she has locked it via the keylock. Is there a way to hard reset the phone? or to allow me to input the correct code

  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    If you've genuinely forgotten your google mail details, then contact or return the phone to your provider. For a legitimate user, this will be an inconvienience, but not impossible.

    To offer you help would only aid someone who was wrongfully using another's phone.
  3. CheckB4Buying

    CheckB4Buying New Member

    I agree with beerkan, but i am sure there are many other forums or blogs which tell you how to do it.

    Good luck,

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