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  1. danirwin

    danirwin New Member

    How do i get the talk text to work???? It says its activated and I should see it on my keyboard...but i do not.....

  2. LucasV

    LucasV Member

    I don't believe you can use it on the stock Samsung keyboard. Google recently released their own keyboard which has it enabled.
  3. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

  4. so how do you voice text with these?
    sorry - didn't catch how...
  5. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    Look for the microphone icon on your keyboard. If your keyboard doesn't have one, try downloading one of the other free keyboards that does have it. I use the Hackers Keyboard. It has the microphone icon. ;)


  6. xrayvision

    xrayvision New Member

    You don't need to install an app. Perform a Google search for "Samsung Centura manual" and click on the pdf. Go to page 84 and follow instructions for "Using the Google Voice Typing."
  7. mac55

    mac55 Member

    Thanks for info on hackers keyboard. Trying it now. So far, so good.
  8. pkarandi

    pkarandi New Member

    I don't know why the folks who programmed this phone "hid" the voice button on the stock keyboard. I was trying to figure it out just like the OP. A couple of days ago, I came upon another site where a commenter named "Lynne" solved the mystery...

    [This is my first post so it is restricting a link. Link will be in next post.]

    Anyway, once you select "Google voice typing" under Language and input settings, open up a new text and bring up the keyboard. You may still just be seeing the gear symbol to the left of the space bar and to the right of the "123Sym" button. Press and hold the gear button. Two options will pop up, the gear and a microphone. Select the mic. It will now expect you to talk. Click Done, then Cancel (unless you actually want to speak something). From now on, you will see the mic option on your keyboard.

    It's kind of ridiculous how this is not even mentioned in the owners manual. :mad: :mad:
    Thanks to Lynne for posting this info on the other site. :thumbup:
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